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Bespoke Botanical Facials

Glowing Skin from Within

Every facial is a truly relaxing & therapeutic experience. A Holistic approach means treatment of the whole person-not just treating whatever symptoms you're exhibiting at that time. I'll help you heal your skin by taking your lifestyle, diet, hormones & topical products into consideration. A Custom approach means every single element of the facial is customized to what your skin needs in that moment. I mix & match massage techniques, Gua Sha, acupressure, cupping, ancient methods, masks, serums & hydrosols to deliver a completely unique experience each & every time. Combined with a well-developed intuition, each facial will leave you feeling & looking better than ever before.

Bespoke Botanical Facials: Services

Beauty from Within

30 Minutes Health Coaching + Custom Holistic Facial
30 Minutes Health Coaching + 1 Hour Facial/$150
30 Minutes Health Coaching + 1.5 Hour Facial/$175

The solution for anyone struggling with a long-term skin issue. Truly radiant skin begins within. This skin therapy session begins with holistic health coaching to identify nutrition & lifestyle changes that can benefit your skin & overall health. Following the health coaching portion, melt into a customized facial experience. Using well-honed intuition, we will combine techniques & products that are completely in tune with what your skin & energy are in need of at that time. Each session includes a follow-up email detailing ways to improve your health & skin between sessions.

Awakening Facial

2 Hours/$175
*first time clients are required to begin with this service

For first time clients, this session will give us ample time to discuss your history & concerns. We will look at your current products & regimen & decide what's working & what needs to change. We will also discuss your health habits & how they may be affecting your skin. A thorough skin consultation is followed by a customized facial to bring your skin back to radiant health. An in depth home ritual tutorial completes this introduction to natural skincare.*Please bring your current skincare products to this appointment OR take photos of each product & it's ingredient list for us to discuss at your session.

Bespoke Botanical Facial

1 Hour/$125
1.5 Hours/$155
2 Hours/$195

Each facial is intuitively customized to target exactly what your skin & energy are in need of using massage, lymphatic drainage techniques, acupressure, Gua Sha, facial cupping & gemstone tools. I use only the most exquisite products containing all organic, wild harvested or natural ingredients. No irritating practices or products to concern yourself with. Every piece of the custom holistic facial is a completely nurturing experience for both mind & body.

CBD Enhanced Holistic Facial

1.5 Hours/$175

An intensely relaxing facial experience featuring the most exquisite CBD products New England has to offer. Begin your experience with a CBD tincture beverage to immediately calm the mind & body. Using CBD-infused massage oils, masks & serums & massage techniques specifically designed to encourage deep relaxation into the parasympathetic state. This facial leaves you & your skin in the most calm & deeply nourished state possible.

The Goddess

Over 2 Hours/$250

There's time for anything & everything to be incorporated into this treatment! Acupressure, Gua Sha, Cupping, Kansa wand, massage, luxurious scalp treatment, botanical facial steam, upper back & decollete massage & treatment... anything & everything you could want or need. With no time limit, this session gives us free rein to treat you like the goddess you are! Perfect to celebrate yourself or as a very special gift.

Gua Sha Transformation Series

10 Gua Sha Facials
3 1.5 Hour Sessions/7 45 Minute Sessions

For those seeking a true transformation. Gua Sha, also known as "a natural alternative to Botox" is an effective way to drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & achieve a natural facelift effect. Gua Sha can retrain the fascia & muscles of the face when performed regularly in a series of sessions spaced every 7-14 days. Crow's feet, jowls, brow furrows, lip lines, under eye bags & dark circles are especially receptive to Gua Sha treatment. It also increases collagen production, boosts circulation & reduces inflammation. A viable alternative for those considering botox, fillers or surgery.

Alternatively, the absolute best choice for anyone struggling with chronic acne, rosacea, redness or inflammation. Gua Sha can improve lymphatic function enabling a clearing of the skin without the use of topical or systemic prescription medicine. When performed regularly in a series of sessions spaced every 7-14 days, Gua Sha coupled with high frequency treatments & natural skincare is a viable alternative for those considering aggressive Western acne treatments. 

Gua Sha Transformation Preservation

45 Minutes/$75
*for clients who have achieved results through multiple facial sessions

A targeted Gua Sha session to support & maintain results achieved through regular facial sessions.

Maiden Facial

1 Hour/$80

For girls around age 12-17 years old. Skin is cleansed , followed by safe & gentle extractions if needed. A custom mask is applied, followed by non-irritating finishing products. I'll bridge the gap between you & your daughter in the self-care discussion, giving her a safe place to ask any questions she may have & being her guide in her healthiest & happiest life!

Relaxed & Radiant Back Treatment

1.25 Hours/$155

A full facial experience for your back. A luxurious double cleanse, followed by gentle extractions if needed. A deeply relaxing massage is followed by a thorough exfoliation, custom mask & finishing products. Your back will be the most beautiful it's ever been!

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